Münsterplatz 17

The historic rooms of the 18th century Andlauerhof make the exhibitions an extraordinary art experience. The fully panelled halls on the ground floor provide a suitable setting for the exhibitions.

Münsterplatz 17
Silvia Aenea Piccolomini, later Pope Pius II lived in Basel, here at Münsterplatz 17 during the council of Basel in the mid 15th century.
In 1444, he wrote HERE “Historia de duobus amantibus”, “The Tale of two lovers” , one of the earliest epistolary novels and full of erotic imagery.
He is founder of the city of Pienza in Italy and is considered founder of the university of Basel in 1459.

Haus zur Mücke
200 meters from Münsterplatz 17. The Haus zur Mücke, one of the locations of the council of Basel. From 1671 this is where the world’s first art collection open to the public was exhibited until mid 19th century. The humanists’ rediscovery of antiquity in Florence has led to the Wunderkammer phenomenon. The Amerbach Kabinett (named after the famous printer Johann Amerbach) had been assembled by the Amerbach family and comprised artefacts, paintings, letters, coins, libraries, some of which had belonged to the collection of the Humanist Erasmus von Rotterdam. (“Liegender Christ von Holbein”). They were bought in 1661 by the City of Basel and the University and were exhibited there until mid 19th century when the objects and works of art were divided between several museums and the university.

Hence, our exhibition Cross Collecting NOW and all the exhibitions based on that curatorial approach since 2016 have a strong link to this location. 

Cross Collecting Basel is a collaboration between Angela Berney in Basel and Simon Studer in Geneva.

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